Monday 25 February 2008

My workout at the moment is...

Gym sessions have been a bit sporadic so far this year. Have let my gym membership go as it was far too expensive (nearly 700 euros). The gym was really poor (max 10kg dumbbells, no bench press) so was just using it for the pool and sauna. Any session are now conducted in the garage which allows me to have a varied, and at times an eccentric workout). My main goal is keep in shape which improving my core strength, flexibility, burn a few calories and maintain strength. Building size or gains is not a priority as during the summer I will not have to access to a gym and will be restricted to bodyweight exercises.

Usually start off with a good dynamic warm-up with a good bit of skipping (the best way to warm up or down). Try to do at least 600 reps(have a counter on the rope) with varied speeds. Unfortunately, I'm nowhere near this guy.

Next up, Bench press 3*6 reps - only managing 50 kgs at the moment, but more than will not increase it too much more as it wouldn't lead to a balanced workout.

Any strength exercises are punctuated with various core and ab exercises.

Chin-ups (done properly) 3*7

A few more ab, back and flexibility exercises.
Captains Chair

Hamstring curl (best exercise there is for the hammers i reckon)

Pull-ups 3*4 (wide grip for the back)

Next, I start getting a little rowdy with all sorts of medicine ball slams and ab work.(Manage to keep my shirt on though)

Tricep dips using 2 chairs

Exericises to add
Generally not doing too much work on the legs at the moment, but will add tuck jumps 3*7 but would ultimately love to able to do single leg squats - a brilliantly simple but tough exercise

Hanging leg raises

Well, all I need to do now is just go and do it

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