Tuesday 22 April 2008

Travel - France and Asia beckon

Have a short break in France coming up, which is a country I haven't visited in a few years. It's a work related week but will no doubt sample as much of the culture as I can. Have been sharpening up the French conversational skills and looking forward to quaffing some nice wine (although as a lover of scotch and black coffee I can only aspire to be a "tolerant" taster of wine, think I read somewhere that Asian women can be most naturally sensitive). Asia in on the summer horizon and the day I booked the tickets it has changed how I have approached the following days and weeks. I seem to be more energised and focused as I plan ahead. I've been busy (building up to excuse for lack of blog entries here)but rarely tired. As the evenings have got brighter, I have become more invigorated and any slow mornings or long days have been lightened by the prospect of balmy beaches, swirling landscapes and exotic tastes and sounds. The blogging may have slackened but I'm sure the next few weeks and months will entail that will last long in the memory.