Wednesday 5 March 2008

Go and Do it

Tsk,tsk - only just into March and I've already broken my 1 post a week resolution. Have had a busy week or two but not really a major target to be hitting. Is it? Have an awful habit of discussing whether or not I should do something which normally does nothing but make it harder to get the something done. This internal dialogue might happen when debating the merits of getting one's lazy ass out of bed or lolling back for just one more snooze. Another instance might be deciding between aimlessly reading mails, other blogs etc., or writing my own. I've spoken before about always getting more things done when I'm busier, as I've less time to think and have no other times to allot a convenient postponement. 'Go and do it' seems to be the way to go. Might be a bit simplistic but thats all I gots for now folks.

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