Sunday 9 March 2008

What I'm listening to right now - Voices to cry for

I've never been bothered by song lyrics. I admire and appreciate them but feel the power of music comes from the sound and emotions created. Bad lyrics or empty words will never make a great song but I don't think the use of one word over another can curtail the power of the truly great song.

I love voices. I love accents. I love the vocal intricacies that they entail. I love the voices that sound like they are only singing to you. Loving this singer at the moment, Luan Parle. Had caught the end of her songs several times before finding out who she was. Shes sings a great vesion of this song as gaelige as well -'Ghost' (Would love to hear this one 'live')

'Live' version of 'Free'.

Robyn unfortunately chose to release the awful, upbeat version of this song. This one has a beautifully, restrained power (could do without the psychedelics though)

Bono could be singing about house prices in Dublin here and it would still raise those lickle neck hairs.

(you didn't think he'd be able to do that, did you?)

Nick Cave on the other hand is a master word smith. Anyone that can get I don't believe in an interventionist God But I know darling that you do deserves some kudos (Ignore vid)

Any other suggestions out there?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This is a soul full things to voices cry.

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