Monday 31 March 2008

Travel - Leber, Las Fallas and another crack at Barcelona

What a week, what a country. Headed off to Barcelona again last week, promptly engaged in some mischief in the catalunyan capital before taking off down to Valencia for Las Fallas. This week long festival nearly brought me to my knees. Firecrackers, fireworks and actual fires combine for some heavily paganistic overtones in this holiest of weeks. In truth, it was a great few days with young and old mixing on generally trouble free streets without the slighest intention of doing anything during the week other than eat, drink and burst my eardrums. Our hungover and weary heads were greatly comforted along the 3 hour train journey to Valencia with our panoramic views from the train cafeteria, nursing a beer, and appreciating the orange groves, terraced hills and glistening seas unfolding in front of us. Spain, and its many regions, never fail to disappoint and I think it will be a long time yet before I grow even remotely tired of what it has to offer.

(More photos and shenanigans on the week to follow)


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