Friday 27 July 2007

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Back in the old days, before sites and programs like and bittorrent, discovering and procuring good new music involved older siblings/savvy friends, reading music magazines, actually going to music shops and copying tapes. In hindsight, maybe there was more of a sense of involvement or reward when you had to work so hard to find music that wouldn't ever appear in "Now that's what I call music vol. 34". Public recognition for independent artists seemed to take much longer and when you 'discovered' a new act it often felt like you had a precious object in your possession while the ignorant masses passed you by oblivious to its value. You would be bursting to tell your friends, but almost felt deceived when the act finally did hit the big time. One such artist for me was Damien Rice. I know he has many critics but that's not my point. We all have had one musician in the past that felt like they were almost singing for you. The first song I heard from him was with Lisa Hannigan. It's called 'The Professor' (despite coming from Meath her French accent is class).

What/Who was the equivalent song/ singer for you?

Despite today's nostalgia tinged blog, the music industry has never been more in the consumers' favour. The myriad of ways to access new music today is amazing. I'm too busy discovering new music to feel as possessive about one particular artist as I have in the past (just checked - 35 gigs of music on my computer!) . Nonetheless, the sense of ownership that I mentioned earlier can be recreated in a typically noughties way by actually buying a share of an undiscovered act through the site Quite like Daniel Ward-Murphy. Hands off!

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