Thursday 26 July 2007

Art - Photography

Maybe yesterday's blog on appreciating art revealed a pretentious streak in me eager to validate my writing with something of substance. Even though I find I have to make an effort to appreciate fine art, I enjoy the process in general. Obviously a painting makes an instant visual impression but I need to labour through the other aspects I mentioned yesterday to gain a greater appreciation. I've never felt this way with photography.

A good photo will act as a catalyst of impressions, ideas, assumptions and theories for my racing brain. There is no need for a background story or any extra information. My eyes will drink in all they can from the image. I love faces - particularly old and young ones. The images below I have taken from (Photographers - Coroner, Alexsandra Radonic, Jeridaking)

The second photo isn't of the same standard visually as the other two, but I think it's great. Even though the man isn't Irish, it inspires me with all sorts of stories of past deals and shenanigans in general. Some people might think photography doesn't have the same capacity for interpretation but that second photo would appeal to a wide variety of people in many different ways. The first and third photos are breathtaking reflections of the beauty that we see everyday but often miss. Abre los ojos!


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