Saturday 28 July 2007

Blogging - What's it all about?

As I'm finally getting into the daily habit of blogging I'm also realising how random my thoughts and interests seem to be. I doubt anybody out there could possibly have matching interests in dance music, sports psychology, photography, panda sneezing, GAA and boxing. I'm writing this blog for myself but I would like to think at least some of what I write appeals to a wide variety of people. Any comments, suggestions or feedback on my maiden foray into the world of blogging would be appreciated.


Sunkyoung said...

Hallo, Leber. Thank you for visiting my blog. It was great indeed to read your comment on my blog.

I lived in Dublin from May to Nov in 2005 for my internship at Irish Exporters Association and since then I've deeply fallen in love with the country and always hoped to have a chance to live there once again for a longer period.

My passion for Eire has led me to actively get involved in the Irish community here in Korea so I was happy to be part of this year's St. Patrick's Day Festival which turned out the most successful ever.

Reading the brief explanation of your blog above, I had to look up some words in my dictionary but it sounded truly literary to me, quite Irish.:)

The best thing about blogging I think is we can happen to be connected to anything and/or anyone unexpected but after all great to know. I'll come back here again later and read your other posts. Sorry if my comment was too long, but I always have too many things to talk about Ireland.^-^ Slainte!

Anonymous said...

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