Monday 28 January 2008

So what next? - New Year Resolutions

'Fraid I'm one of those people that needs lists to get anything done. I'm a very disorganised little boy and need structure to get things done. Things that need to be done, pop into my head every so often and remain hanging heavy and just out of reach until they get to crisis point. I also take an inadequate amount of perverse pleasure in crossing off items on the list.

My focus also deviates quite considerably every so often and needs some determined realigning. So, have decided to recalibrate things a little. Many of these are only coming to mind as I type, so are in no particular order.

  1. Weekly blog entries. The classic blogger new year aspiration, but shouldn't be too hard.Should it?
  2. Sharpen up the ol' French and Spanish. Strange how I am so much more comfortable speaking Spanish than French, despite having learned it for 8 years less.
  3. Think long-term. Happy the way things are panning out at the moment, but need to consider what is the best means of achieving my ultimate goal in life - to travel. Perpetual Travel. Korean people often have a 5 year plan. 6 months is usually my max, but have to realistically look ahead to carve out the life I truly want.
  4. Learn to enjoy sober social situations a bit more. Have become better at this but reckon I can't manage much longer than a sober 3 hours at the moment in a pub/nightclub situation without getting tired, bored or boring.
  5. Choose when to drink. Have had too many drunken nights and hungover days for no apparent reason apart from the fact it was Saturday/ a birthday / a party etc. Don't feel guilty anymore when I have a big night as I generally choose the night and make sure it's just a small part of a great night. Just want to ensure that I maintain that sense of control and avoid situations where it is the focal point of the night.
Will add to these again(in less than a week!)

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