Thursday 23 August 2007

Music - For Driving

Today's entry promises to be a little brighter after yesterday's heavy and slightly cryptic entry. Had a good 'airing' of views with certain people involved in the situation last night which generally cleared a few misunderstandings. It's good to talk.

Previous to the meeting, I went for a drive with this song from Irish group director playing. Perfect driving music.

Another good one, Editors - Smoking outside the hospital doors

Don't really like this kind of rock but great playing behind the wheel. Jimmy Eat World - Pain

Driving would be a typically male activity if there is a problem to ponder. Withdrawal into yourself to figure out a way past something. The driving provides enough distraction from the problem but allows you to subconsciously search for an answer. Usually, when you come out of your 'cave' you have some sort of solution. The male species is definitely a strange yet simple beast.

Any other suggestions for music for driving?

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Cieguilla said...

We have all sorts of driving music, but Depeche Mode is the group that always comes to mind first: it reminds me of the endless trips from and to London in late '04.