Wednesday 20 June 2007

Music - CSS

I know the initial hype about this Cansei de Ser Sexy has come and gone, but it's taken me a while to decide whether i love, or hate, their sound. It does veer occasionally to a cheesy, grating ;) sound, but it is damn funky.

Let's make love and listen to death from above

Put yourself in the crowd for this tune live. I think you would have to devoid of a lust for life if you didn't boogie your ass to this. This crowd of Dubs seem to loike id anyways, yanowhaimean.

And to cap it all, the band is led by a fiesty little minx calling herself "lovefoxxx". At the last show of one of CSS' tours, she went on stage wearing her entire wardrobe. As each song on the set list was played, she removed one piece until at the end of the night she was naked, then dived into the crowd. Yowzzers, my kind of triple x fox.

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